Father's Influence


Father's Influence

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Giclee Print from the original 30x40 China Marker Drawing

TWO NEW LARGER LIMITED EDTION ARCHIVAL GICLEE PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE.  Roughly 17x21 in a 22x30 Black Mat and approximately 24x32 print in a 30x40 Black Mat in limited edition run of 300

signed by Adam W. Carlos        

Subject: Peter Rowan  



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Peter Rowan has a long history in the Bluegrass world and has sometimes not gotten the credit or appreciation he deserves. His early work with Bill Monroe is part of the reason I chose the image of Peter to draw. Though Peter is mainly know as a vocalist and guitar player he played mandolin a lot early on. I chose this image partially because I wanted to portray the influence Bill Monroe had on Peter. In this work Peter is wearing a suit jacket but not a tie. I liked this because it hints back to the strict dress code of Mr. Monroe, while at the same time keeping the casual appeal and style of Peter Rowan. Since I only work from my own photographs I will probably never include Mr. Monroe in this series of works, however I did feel very strongly about including his influence on the genre. Peter Rowan has been able to achieve an individual style of music while at the same time staying true to his influences.

The title of the work ("Father's Influence") refers not only to Bill Monroe's influence on Peter and the genre as the "Father of Bluegrass Music," but also the vast influence my own father has been on my work and my life.